Thursday, April 21, 2011

Presentations Made Easier

The time has arrived in the semester when papers are due, finals are being taken, and presentations are underway.  I have the opportunity to showcase what I have learned from my IT 2010 course concerning PowerPoint presentations in another course.  The video Life after Death by PowerPoint by Don McMillian although comical was very informational as well.  It helped me to realize some of the mistakes that I have made regarding preparation of PowerPoint presentations.  Now I feel confident that I can create an interesting and effective PowerPoint presentation.

The importance of PowerPoint presentation according to Krish Paul:
PowerPoint Presentations are a way of attracting audience towards your views and arguments. It is one of the most helping factors behind success of every meeting.

Power point presentation combines audio and visual both aspects, making it easier to understand for audience. Even the normal teaching or training becomes interactive by just using presentations in lectures.

It's always beneficial and less time consuming for corporate trainers, if they use these tools in their sessions, it generates more results.

Inclusion of different types of charts, images, clip-arts, other graphical structures, makes a presentation eye catchy. Animation and sound effects add extra emphasis on these presentations making them look more interactive.

How important is the use of PowerPoint to you?

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  1. I work for a distribution and logistics sales center and we use powerpoint presentations all the time to present data to upper management. It is a must you can create an informative, attractive presentation for meetings and important business ventures. Great Blog!