Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How important are PowerPoint presentations?

The importance of a PowerPoint presentation is based upon the type of presentation and the audience.  The PowerPoint should be a visual aid or guide not the presentation itself.  A PowerPoint presentation can be important because it can keep the presenter focused on the topic.  It serves as an aid to present statistics, charts, graphs and pictures.  Some people are visual learners and the audience may pay more attention if they have something to look at as well as listen to.  PowerPoint presentations can also bring clarity to what the speaker is conveying. 

A good presenter really doesn’t need a PowerPoint presentation.   The president of our country does not use PowerPoint to present his message.  Many presenters have used PowerPoint as a crutch.  Presenters rely on the PowerPoint as their vice for information.  PowerPoint presentations can be too wordy with too many slides and too many bullet points.  The PowerPoint may have distracting background and text colors and font.  There may also be too many graphics which will take away from the content.  The presenter may also read directly from the slides.  This can make a presentation boring and ineffective.  In cases such as these it may be better to do without a PowerPoint presentation.

When used properly, PowerPoint presentations can be very important.  It is best to keep it simple. 

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